Property Taxes are too High

May 20, 2017

Property Taxes are too High


I support the Illinois Policy Institute first step: A freeze on your property taxes.

If you live in Illinois, you pay the highest property taxes in the nation. You may even pay more in property taxes than you pay for your mortgage each year.
And these taxes are only becoming more and more unaffordable. Over the past 50 years, Illinois property taxes have grown 2.5 times faster than inflation.
As a result, people are being taxed out of their homes.
This is wrong – and it’s a reckless way to fund state and local government. That’s why the Illinois Policy Institute is pushing for comprehensive property tax reform.
Our first step? A freeze on your property taxes.
To make this possible, we’re also working to reduce the state’s many layers of costly, duplicative government. And we’re pushing to eliminate mandates that drive up local government costs.
Will you support this important work today? You can donate using the secure link below.
Your gift is not only tax deductible, it is crucial to the implementation of true economic reforms.


John Tillman
Illinois Policy Institute

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