Political Endorsements


Mr. Him has served our country as a military man, on the Village of New Baden and Clinton County Boards. He has shown he is very dedicated to serving people. I have no doubt if elected to the Office of Senate, he will continue that service to the 54th district and fix things. Therefore I am proud to endorse and support Rafael Him for Illinois State Senate. I hope you will join me and vote for Him. Joe Berry Police Officer
Joe Berry
Police Officer
Rafael Him is dedicated to serving the voters of Illinois. He is honest, trustworthy and dedicated. I’m looking forward to seeing everything he accomplishes once he is elected Senator.
Tommy Moss
Police Officer
I am asking that voters of New Baden, please consider placing their vote with Rafael Him for Village President, in the April Village Election 2021. He is a true conservative and fiscal hawk. Please reach out to Rafael and discuss his vision and passion for New Baden to grow and benefit all of its citizens. Rafael will work for responsible growth through limited government taxation. He proudly promotes New Baden business and growing new opportunity. Thank you and consider placing your vote with Rafael Him this spring. Marc O. Hoffmann Lookingglass Township Supervisor
Marc Hoffman
Lookingglass Township Supervisor
Mr. Him is dedicated to the office of Senate. If elected he will undoubtedly serve the 54th district constituents' best interest in a manner consistent with the beliefs and values of such. He is the kind of man we need to send to that office. Danny Bradac Former Washington County Sheriff
Danny Bradac
Former Washington County Sheriff
While serving in the position of the USAF's largest Enlisted Aircrew Training Wing, 97 Operation's Group Superintendent, I had the extreme honor of actually pinning on Rafael Him's Basic Enlisted Aircrew Wing's during the Boom Operator Initial Course Graduation Ceremony. Year's later, we would end up living just a few blocks from each other in the small town of New Baden in Illinois. I watched Rafael transition from a successful military career, then jump into public service. I'm convinced Raf will take the same conservative values to the Illinois State Senate, he followed as both a New Baden Village Board Trustee & Clinton County Supervisor. Illinois is at a crossroad...we either get our house in order, or continue to lose at every measure while racing towards financial ruin! Meanwhile, the conservatively led adjourning State's prosper! We need men like Rafael Him...he knows what to do! I'M WITH HIM!
american flag
Les McPeak
Ret Air Force
I served with Rafael Him on Active Duty, and know him to be a man of intelligence, integrity, insight, commitment, and honor. I enthusiastically endorse Rafael Him for Illinois State Senate. He'll serve the people effectively and sacrificially.
Dave Hughes
I served with Sergeant Him for almost 20 years and I look forward to seeing him use those same leadership skills in guiding the state of Illinois. His dedication to the mission and the Airmen placed in his care never wavered. He is what we need in today's political arena.
Scott Minton
I served with Rafael Him in the U.S.A.F. and couldn't give him a higher endorsement. He will work hard for the State of IL, just like he did in the Air Force for his nation. I have place my life in his hands on numerous occasions on combat missions we flew together. He has integrity and understands what it means to protect others. He will do the right thing, because it is in his nature. Vote for Him!
Philip Morrison
Air Force
I served with Rafael while on the Air Force. We have been friends since then spanning almost 20 years. Rafael is a respectable professional who will bring integrity and selfless service to any office he is elected to. Vote for "Him" and let him continue to serve!
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Mike Morman
Rafael Him and I served in the US Air Force together in the same squadron from 2000-2002. Then and now, he was and is a "can-do" man, who epitomized professionalism and exercised the highest integrity at all times. We flew sorties in support of Operation Enduring Freedom over Afghanistan right after 9/11/01, and I'm proud to have served and fought together. I've always known him to be a man of great character and principle ...one who says what he means and means what he says. A vote for Him is a vote for what's right for America and Americans alike.
T. Harrison Smith Jr.
USAF Col Ret.
I proudly support and endorse Rafael Him for State Senate. He's a true friend to me and will be to you. He truly wants to make a difference in people's lives. We served together at Scott AFB.
Floyd Atkins
Air Force
I cannot think of a better person to represent us as your Mayor. I've had the pleasure of knowing him for a lot of years and he has always been a "Get the job done" type of person. Vote for Him!!!
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Pete Szabo
From survival school to war and back...Rafael has been stalwart and steady, dependable and honest. He has what it takes to lead his district into future success.
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David Atkinson
Rafael Him is a true patriot, dedicated over 20 years of service to the United States. Dedicated his life to ensure those around him and from a far felt safe. A true American warfighter putting service before self over and over.
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Sal Urbano
Air Force