Combat Veteran Running for State Senate in the 54 th District

Sep 10, 2017

Rafael Him, Republican from New Baden, has announced he is running for State
Senate in the 54 th District. No stranger to politics and government, he’s a 22-year
combat veteran and serves on the Clinton County Board along with having served as a
trustee for the Village of New Baden. He said his experiences in the Air Force taught
him accountability, teamwork, leadership and a passion for mission accomplishment.
Him is running because of his love for Illinois, “I can no longer sit back and watch the
people of Illinois suffer from poor politics and corruption so I decided to take action. We
are currently in a state of emergency with an out of control budget and a declining
population. We have to get back on track and advocate for reform. It’s critical that we
protect citizens and businesses from unfair and excessive taxation. Every time you
increase taxes, you’re eroding personal freedoms and the ability of the people to
provide for their families.”

I look at things from a holistic view. First, what is good for the people? Second, what is
good for the state? “I want to help everybody, not just a select few”. If you focus on
good management and teamwork, your people will be taken care of and the state will
start to heal. We need to change the way our state does business and address why
people are leaving. You can start with mismanagement then follow through with tax
reform. We need to look at reducing business regulations and stopping the spending
and borrowing culture as well.

It’s time for new management and a conscientious individual who serves the people. I
will promote conservative free market ideas that will grow our economy and start to heal
our state. We need ideas that will bring prosperity to our local communities and state,
encouraging families to stay and invest in Illinois.

I have the experience to help reform our state, I have served my nation for over 26
years. I also realize that teamwork is necessary and that no one can accomplish
anything great by themselves. I have lived the motto of “Integrity, Service Before Self
and Excellence” in all we do and have the record to prove it. I have voted on and
passed three balanced budgets and helped guide my county to be debt free by the end of 2017 despite state budget cuts. I humbly ask for your vote and support as I work to
heal our state. It will be a hard fight but I am confident I will win it. I will always fight for you.

My Contract with the People

1. Put citizens above politicians, each law passed should apply to those who passed it
2. Fight for fiscal responsibility and accountability
3. Fight for a "real" balanced budget
4. Fight for term limits.
5. Fight for tax reform


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